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Reception Area


We call our receptionists "Client Relation Specialists"
because their number one priority is to
assist you with top notch service.

front desk

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pet boutiquePet Boutique

We carry a small inventory of specialty items, collars, leashes and training aids,  We have a line of shampoos, conditioners and toys also.

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Prescription & Non-Prescription Food

Our clinic stocks a full range of dog and
cat food to provde the best nutrition for
your pet's heath and age. 
Let our trained staff assist you with
nutritional counseling to select the right food.


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We can perform a large number of diagnostic tests in our clinic laboratory. This enables us to get results faster for you and institute appropriate treatment more quickly.

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boarding 2

State of the art x-ray equipment and
darkroom allow us to perform diagnostic
x-rays and get results faster.

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surgury 1
Patients are induced and prepared for surgery in our prep room.

surgery 2 
Scrub sink with infrared sensor for surgeon prep.

surgery 3 
Surgical patients are kept in a sterile field
& monitored throughout the procedure.

surgery 4
Example spay pack.

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Routine dental care can extend your pet's life by 4 years.

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Plenty of TLC is prescribed
for all our patients.

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isolationIsolation Ward

Patients with contagious illnesses are kept in a special
isolation ward for treatment.





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Our "one-top pharmacy" can
help you with all your pet
prescription needs.





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Boarding Facilities

boarding 2boarding 1









We strive to give plenty of attention to our boarders.

boarding 3
Our large exercise yard provides playtime.

boarding 4
Cats enjoy a room with a view.

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