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Heartworm Disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition which is transmitted by mosquitoes.  Brown and surrounding counties have a high incidence of heartworm infection, and both dogs and cats are at significant risk all year-round.  Virtually all unprotected dogs in highly endemic regions will become infected.  Even indoor dogs and cats are at risk for heartworm infection.

Heartworm infection can be diagnosed with a simple blood test performed in the clinic.  If your pet does not already have heartworms, monthly administration of a preventive medication can protect your friend.  Call today to make sure YOUR pet is protected against this deadly disease.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The Vet and staff responded promptly when my sheltie was bit by a large rattler early on memorial day. He would have died were it not for their prompt care. They are the best in my book."
    Ralph R.
  • "When I found my Husky dog shot, I called numerous Brownood vets. Dr. Bailey took the challenge head - on and helped us save our boy. Thank you so much for leaving home so late and attending to our emergency. We can't thank you enough. Legion is an old man but today he was running around like a puppy. Thank you again!"
    Sabrina S.